Kegerator Design & Build

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Some time ago I got into homebrewing.  After about a year of buying, saving, de-labeling, cleaning, sanitizing, and filling bottles (phew!) I started thinking about kegging my beer instead.  Most of the kegerators I saw were as gaudy as they were expensive.  I started looking online at converted refrigerators, and then converted chest freezers, or keezers.  With the help of a number of very detailed, very helpful guides on Pinterest, YouTube, etc. I set out to to build my own.  

One of the best sources of inspiration,'s Show us your Kegerator forum, features over a hundred pages of people's own kegerator creations.  Everything from mini-fridge conversions, to simple collared keezers, to elaborate tower keezers with tile inlays and even microcomputers.  Being a designer, I wanted to take what I learned from others' projects and put my own spin on the tower keezer.  Check out my design and read on to find out how I made it happen.

The final product was an industrial-style kegerator with a three-tap galvanized pipe tower, concrete top, and weathered-wood sides.


Forward-Facing Interfaces – Treating Pixels as Pixels

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There’s a schism happening in the world of interface design. Seeing that we design interfaces every day, it’s important that we take note, if not take sides. The debate is over a design concept known as skeuomorphism, and while the discussion is, by definition, cosmetic, it gets to the very core of how we interact with the physical objects of the past and the digital objects of the future.

An Intro to Skeuomorphism

a derivative object which retains ornamental design cues to a structure that was necessary in the original

Apple has been the ultimate abuser user of skeuomorphism. It’s evident in almost every app they’ve baked into the iPhone and iPad.

Make Your Website Fontastic

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As web standards have matured over the years, few new features have had quite the impact on web design as the ability to choose from and display a limitless number of fonts on your website.

Get a Response with a Responsive Website

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Unless you’re a web design nerd (like me) you probably have no idea what “responsive web design” means. However, you may notice that more and more of the sites you visit every day are embracing this technology. And it could be the key to getting your customers' attention. In a nutshell, responsive websites automatically and dynamically customize the look of each page based on the device you’re using to view it.

The Science Behind Great Web Design

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Your website provides potential customers with a first impression of your business. While you no doubt know how important first impressions are when meeting people, you may be surprised to learn, when it comes to your website, first impressions are made extremely quickly, are hugely influenced by design, and have far-reaching implications for your business.